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March 17, 2023

What makes this telescope special? How is it different than the Hubble Space Telescope? What are some of its key science goals? Keep this to 1 page or less. To earn full credit you *must* ha

astronomy writing question Part I: Astrobiology Discoveries For this assignment I want you to read about several discoveries in astrobiology and discuss which one you think is the most interesting/exciting. Use one of these sources: Astrobiology NewsLinks to an external site. SpaceRef Astrobiology Web Links to an external site. […]
March 17, 2023

The protons and neutrons have almost all of the mass of the atom and make up the core or nucleus of the atom. The number of protons an atom has defines what it is, so we call the number of p

astronomy exercise please help me complete this worksheet. Requirements: NA ASTR101 Astronomy Laboratory Grist Spectroscopy 1 NAME Laboratory Exercise: Spectroscopy (online version) In this exercise you will learn the basic techniques that are utilized by astronomers to find the composition and temperature of stars and distant atmospheres. You will learn […]
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